Protect your hair from the sun with Electric London! 🌞

Electric London Canada

It's the unofficial start of summer!          Time to hit the beach!

Make sure you protect your hair from the sun with our P-4 Prep Spray!

P-4 Prep Spray is our best selling product worldwide!

Not only is our leave-in conditioning spray active in UVA & UVB protection to protect your hair from sun damage and help reduce colour fading; it also makes your hair 10X stronger!  P-4 helps reduce static, evens out the porosity of the hair and enhances natural curls!  

This is our go to for the summer!

On damp hair, apply 4 or 5 pumps throughout your hair.  While out in the sun, reapply every few hours for ultimate protection.... just like you would with your sunscreen.  

You're ready for summer!!



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