How do I treat my dry hair without making it look limp and flat?

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If your hair is both straight and dry, you are in a constant battle on how to treat the two.  If you put on a heavy product to add the much-needed moisture back into your hair it leads to limp, lifeless hair that sticks to your head.  If you don’t use anything at all, the static and dryness of your hair will drive you crazy. But there is a solution, and that’s using the right masque and the right technique.

The key to treating dry hair without making it limp and flat is to apply a masque midway down the hair shaft without adding any to the scalp.  This will treat the dry hair without weighing down the roots. Also choosing a masque that will moisturise the hair without heaviness.


T-1 Intensive Treatment Masque:

Our Treatment Masque will nourish your hair for supremely smooth and glossy results!  Use our light weight treatment once a week as part of your home ritual. T-1 contains moisturizing lipids and vegetable proteins that will strengthen your hair as well as give it superior moisture without heaviness or residue.  Your hair will thank you for it!


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